50. Wings over Water

One of the country’s premier wildlife events is northeastern North Carolina’s annual Wings Over Water Wildlife Festival. Sponsored by a group of community partners which include federal and local government, non-profits, and local businesses, Wings Over Water combines birding, photography, natural history, canoeing, kayaking, nature walks and unique classroom seminars and much more into a 6 day experience. Hundreds of participants gather on the Outer Banks and the various nearby public lands to share the common goal of being out in the wild and experiencing nature firsthand. Wings Over Water began in 1996 and is held annually in the late fall. The Festival has grown each year greatly due to the unique setting and opportunities to observe wildlife here in eastern North Carolina, its top-rated trip and program leaders, and its affordability. The Outer Banks and surrounding refuges offer more than a dozen unique habitat types, a wealth of cultural and natural history, and many types of wildlife, including over 350 bird species. And it’s the home of black bear, white-tailed deer, river otter, the American alligator, the endangered red wolf and hundreds of other mammals, reptiles and amphibians. Each year, Wings Over Water offers over 100 programs such as day and night canoe and kayak trips, art classes and wildlife field sketching, photography classes and trips, plant hikes and dozens of ocean, marsh, field and forest birding programs! Wings Over Water is a family friendly event that offers the best of birding and photography opportunities found anywhere in the country. Whether you’re on land or water and whether you’re a novice or experienced outdoor lover, you will enjoy the camaraderie, educational and outdoor experiences at the Outer Banks Wings Over Water Wildlife Festival.