47. Mary Ann Remer

Mary Ann’s introduction to art began with the Lettering Arts. She studied under national and international artists during intensive workshops as a member of the Philadelphia Calligrapher’s Society. She ran a successful Calligraphy business and taught adult evening classes, before moving to Venezuela with her husband and family in 1986. During her time there, she continued her freelance lettering and began to study oil painting and Spanish. She returned to the states in 1990, continuing to work as a Lettering Artist while beginning her studies of watercolor, acrylic, collage and mixed media…she was hooked on the arts! You should see her library! Learning from books has been a great part of her education in the arts. In 2002, her husband received a new assignment in Mexico, and so they made their home in Monterrey. Mary Ann took advantage of the opportunity to practice her Spanish and to study art with well-known Mexican artists. She continued painting with acrylics and also began to work with pastels. She has been taking classes in printmaking for the past 3 years, which she loves! Now, a new phase is starting here in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Mary Ann hopes to incorporate her years of experience and studies in the arts into her new life here in the local art community. Her love of learning, knowing new places and the local people, the flavors of the eastern seaboard; all are fresh, new and exciting stimuli. New subject matter is everywhere and her creative interests are sparked. She hopes to become an integral part of the arts here, and is enjoying every minute of this new adventure.