14. Roanoke Island Festival Park

If you are interested in Outer Banks history, nature, recreation, and family activities, Roanoke Island Festival Park is an ideal choice. This Roanoke Island attraction, across from the Manteo waterfront, is a 25-acre interactive historic site representing the first English settlement attempt in 1585. Admission is charged. Board and explore Elizabeth II, a representational ship that interprets one of the seven English merchant vessels from the Roanoke Voyage of 1585. Help costumed 16th century sailors set the sails, find your latitude with an astrolabe, and swab the decks. Another part of the park, the settlement site, features costumed interpreters from the Roanoke Voyage of 1585. They show visitors what daily life was like for the soldiers and sailors who traversed the Atlantic Ocean to build a permanent colony for England. Visitors may also Explore Coastal Algonquian culture and history in American Indian Town, which represents an American Indian community similar to what the English explorers investigated and surveyed during their voyages to Roanoke Island and the surrounding area in the late 16th century. If you wonder about what happened on the Outer Banks after the Roanoke Voyages, discover 400 years of Outer Banks history in the interactive Roanoke Adventure Museum. Guests may amble through the museum at whatever pace they like on a self-guided tour through the historical developments of Roanoke Island and the area at large.