129. Sandy Ridge Trail

If you were an otter, you would probably enjoy living in the waterways along the trail. One of the best ways to enjoy the habitats and wildlife on the refuge is paddling on the Milltail Creek Paddling Trail. With only the sound of your paddle hitting the water, you will be in for a treat as you glide through the swampy black water. Be sure to look up as you travel since many birds will be above you. Take time to look deep into the forest since red wolves and black bears have been known to visit the area. Return to an era gone by when Native Americans and settlers made their way through the area in canoes dug out of tree trunks. Listen to the sounds around you as you float through the home for many species of wildlife. Remember that you are just passing through, so please take only memories and leave only ripples in the water. As you navigate the Trail, follow the various white markers to take you on one of the four routes. A map at the trailhead will show you the length and destination of each route. Guided tours are available in the summer months.