128. Sandy Ridge Trail

The plants in the fresh water marsh are either tolerant of being inundated with fresh water for extended periods of time or are floating plants. The marsh is occupied by a wide diversity of plants including narrowleaf cattail, switchgrass, maidencane, arrow arum, duck potato, pickerelweed, sedges, ferns, duckweed, and water lily. The narrowleaf cattail, switchgrass, and maidencane are grasses or grasslike plants that provide cover for mammals, reptiles, amphibians and juvenile fish. The arrow arum, duck potato, and pickerelweed all produce flowers that attract pollinating insects and produce fruit and seed that is consumed by wildlife. The seed of sedges is a high quality food for waterfowl. Duckweed is eaten by ducks, other birds, and fish and provides cover for fish, reptiles, amphibians, and aquatic insects.