116. Murphy Peterson Wildlife Drive Refuge Signs

During your travels around the country, you may have noticed a white sign with a blue goose symbol. If you have, you’ve seen the boundary sign of a National Wildlife Refuge. Many are seen along highways. These signs also contain the words, “Unauthorized Entry Prohibited.”Although this can be confusing to some people, it actually tells you that as long as what you are doing is authorized on the particular refuge, your activity is perfectly legal. If you are not sure, you should always ask. The safest way to know if an activity is authorized on a refuge is to look at refuge literature. What might be authorized on one refuge isn’t necessarily authorized on another. In front of you is an Area Closed sign. While some areas are closed year-round, others may be closed only during peak migration. This area in front of you is closed to provide a resting and feeding place for migratory waterfowl. During the time of their visit, waterfowl will be able to refuel in these flooded fields after their arduous journey.. Imagine traveling on your vacation only to find all of the restaurants closed or replaced by houses. Without the refuge as a resting and feeding place, these waterfowl would have a difficult, if not impossible, journey.