101. Creef Cut Trail

Welcome to Creef Cut Wildlife Trail. This half-mile, universally-accessible trail is ideal for school groups or families, as well as individuals. The kiosk at the trailhead provides information about the refuge and the habitats and wildlife that occur. To the left is a universally-accessible fishing platform. Billy’s Ditch links this site directly with South Lake, so there is a constant supply of crappie, bluegill, and other freshwater fish. A state fishing license is required. Interpretive signs along the trail identify plants and wildlife that may be seen. A 200-foot boardwalk takes you out onto the freshwater marsh to the north of the trail. On the south, an overlook provides viewing of the Creef Moist Soil management area where waterfowl, raptors, and other migratory birds may be seen. Depending on the season, biting flies may be present. Insect repellent is recommended. Horses and bicycles are prohibited on the walking trail. All pets must be on a leash to protect wildlife and plant life on the trail.